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Some    years    ago    a    middle    aged    gent    bought    a    horse    which    then    needed    a    saddle. Fortunately   (or   unfortunately )   he   bought   a   Western   saddle   which   needed   some   repairs. Apart   from   people   wanting   to   sell   their   saddle   or   a   new   saddle   to   him,   nobody   could   really help   him.   After   much   frustration   running   around   asking   friends   and   fellow   horse   lovers, some   really   rough   repairs   were   done.   This   led   me   to   think   there’s   a   great   need   for   Western saddle   support   and   service   in   South   Africa.   As   everyone   knows,   English   saddles   take   up   the majority of the horse riding market. And   so   Stuart’s   Western   Saddles   was   started   with   an   original   product   line   of   three   saddles –   colours:   burgundy,   a   black   and   an   antique.   Yes,   only   3   products   which   has   grown   to   over a   hundred   products!   Stuart’s   Western   Saddles’   purpose   is   to   support   the   Western   riding and   saddle   industry,   to   give   great   client   service,   good   honest   advice   and   to   not   just   to   sell a saddle for the sake of making a sale. Today   Stuart’s   Western   Saddles   is   part   manufacturer   of   the   Western   Dreamer   range   of saddles   ( available   in   13”,   14”,   15”   and   16”   and   customised   to   clients’   requirements).   And   of course   distributes   the   locally   made   El   Paso   saddles.   Not   to   mention   on   offer   is   after   sales service and the repairs, restorations and customisation of existing saddles. Included   in   the   product   line   are   chinks,   waistcoats,   western   buckles,   belts,   western   décor (from   decorated   cow   skulls   to   half   saddles)   for   that   man   cave   or   Western   themed   room   or tack room. “I’ve often said there’s nothing better for the inside of a man than the outside of a horse.” Ronald Reagan Stuart’s   Western   Saddles   now   has   a   showroom   in   Kensington,   Joburg   which   is   open   by appointment.