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SADDLES Western Dreamer Cowboy Saddles California style, Western Dreamer Cowboy saddles – made in South Africa Available in 13”, 14”, 15” and 16” - the saddle fits most SA horse breeds. El Paso saddles Full leather saddle - (12.5” and 15” : Black, Antique, Burgundy) Special order only - 15” plain full leather saddle (antique, black, burgundy) Half and 3/4 saddles - for bar, pub, tack room or 'man cave' décor Half saddles available with saddle blanket. 3/4 saddles available. FOR THE HORSE Bits Applemouth Snaffle bit - available in 5 inch and 5.5 inch Snaffle bit - available in 5 inch and 5.5. inch Bridles Poco single roll bridle with split reins (black or brown) Reins Split reins - made from quality leather (Antique, Black, Burgundy and Natural) FOR THE RIDER Badges Bandana - American flag design (52cm x 52cm) Bolo ties Customised bolo ties with full leather cord Red & white design bolo tie (only 1 in stock) Cowboy design bolo tie (only 1 in stock) Flower design bolo tie (only 1 in stock) Horse shoe design bolo tie (only 1 in stock) Buckles (Western) Chinks, Chaps & Waistcoats Adult chinks / Junior chinks / Toddler chinks / Waistcoats Hats (Western & Fun) Unisex black hats (available in adult size) Western Stetson style hats (available in white and adult size) Baseball caps Jewellery Native American-style necklaces - various designs Key rings Customised full leather key rings (made by Stuart) Western Dreamer key rings made locally from great quality leather Spurs and spur straps Spurs with ‘Texas star’ detail Leather spur straps (natural/undyed, black or brown) Spur straps with pattern detail (black or brown) FOR THE SADDLE Back straps Back strap with extra wide padding Full leather back strap (Antique, black and burgundy) Billet straps Cinch straps with holes (Antique, Black and Burgundy) Cinch strap billet holder - plain (Black, Natural/undyed) Cinch strap billet holder - bling (Black) Breast plates El Paso breast plate (Black, Antique, Burgundy) Conches Nguni skin conches (various colours and patterns available) Leather conches with scalloped edges Metal screw-type conches Leather conches with centre hole and scalloped edges Fenders & stirrup leathers Fenders / sweat panels with stirrup leathers (Black, Antique, Burgundy) Fenders/sweat panels only (Black, Antique, Burgundy) Stirrup leathers only - 48mm wide x 1600mm long (Black, Antique, Burgundy) Girths String girth with D-ring: length (excl. D-ring) end to end between 490mm to 590mm (black) String girth with buckle: length (excl. buckles) end to end - 470mm (Black, Burgundy) Special order only - Padded front girth (burgundy) Lasso Rifle bags/scabbards Saddle bags Special order only - Full leather saddle bag - rear (Black, Antique, Burgundy) Fine detail saddle plates/dress up kits - various designs available Saddle blankets Thick, padded saddle blankets. Size: 750mm x 850mm (1 x red, 1 x brown) Saddle blankets in a variety of colours. Size: 760mm x 760mm Heavy duty saddle blankets in a variety of colours. Size approx: 810mm x 760mm. Thickness: 5mm Saddle oil Saddle strings/riempies (to hold saddle together) Stirrup leathers only - 48mm wide x 1600mm long (Black, Antique, Burgundy) Stirrups & stirrup twists Western stirrups - covered, various colours Adult and junior stirrups - covered (width at foot: 120mm) Western stirrups - uncovered (width at foot: 130mm) Stirrup twists (2 inch) (excluding stirrups) Hobble straps/stirrup keepers Nguni skin - various colours & patterns available Customised with rider name/horse or stable yard tooled on to leather Plain - various colours WESTERN DÉCOR Fibreglass display horse heads Life size, fibreglass display horse heads with stunning detail. (bridles & reins excluded). Statues - copies based on Frederic Remington’s sculptures Tomahawks Special order only - Customised tomahawks (ideal for western themed room/bar or pub) Antlers & decorated cow skulls (for display) SADDLE CARE & INFO CLIENTS CONTACT